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MEDIA RELEASE: Bob Katter is a charlatan and should be ashamed of his record: Senator Barry O’Sullivan calls on Bob Katter to publically release diaries to electorate and substantiate his claims of achievement

27 June 2016

LNP Senator for Queensland Barry O’Sullivan says Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter is wilfully deceiving the people of his electorate by glossing over his poor attendance record, low vote attendance and non-existent lobbying efforts.

Senator O’Sullivan said the people of the Kennedy electorate would be appalled to know Mr Katter voted with Labor and the Greens 66 per cent of the time (or 61 times out of the 94 divisions) in which he was present between September 2013 and May 2016.

Senator O’Sullivan said Bob Katter sits with Clive Palmer as having the worst attendance record in Federal Parliament.

He said there were 399 divisions in parliament between September 2013 and May 2016.

Mr Katter was not present in the House for 305 of those 399 divisions. This is over 80 per cent of all divisions in the 44th parliament.

Senator O’Sullivan said 125 of the 305 divisions Mr Katter missed were divisions about legislation.

“These raw, hard figures speak for themselves – Bob Katter spends more time talking about his fabricated record than he does actually representing the people of the Kennedy electorate,” Senator O’Sullivan.

“My office has worked as a de-facto member with a large number of people, community groups and local authorities in the Kennedy electorate these past few years because they feel they cannot achieve anything locally as long as Bob Katter is their federal member.

“Mr Katter is clearly past his prime. He can’t even be bothered to turn up to parliament and do the basic amount of work.

“Bob Katter’s attendance record is a running joke in Canberra.

“With such a despicable record as this, why does Mr Katter think voters should give him three more years?”

Senator O’Sullivan said Mr Katter’s speaking record in parliament reflects his poor attendance record.

According to his own figures, Bob Katter has spoken only 47 times in parliament between September 2013 and May 2016.

Compare this to Senator Ian MacDonald has spoken in the chamber 128 times and Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry, who has spoken in the chamber 114 times in the same period.

Senator Barry O’Sullivan, who only came into parliament in February 2014, and has spoken 90 times.

Minister for Norther Australia Senator Matt Canavan, who entered parliament in July 2014, has spoken in the chamber 91 times.

Senator O’Sullivan said Mr Katter’s record of achievement document included 190 dot points of funding received for the Kennedy electorate in the 44th Parliament.

Senator O’Sullivan said Mr Katter was not involved in lobbying efforts nor in the decision-making for virtually every single one of those 190 achievements.

Senator O’Sullivan said it was a record written in invisible ink.

He said the only way Mr Katter could prove his involvement in lobbying efforts for these projects was to provide evidence of the meetings he has held with relevant ministers.

Senator O’Sullivan called on Mr Katter to release his diaries from the past three years to provide voters with an insight into what he does with all his free time, other than the publicity stunts he is well known for.

“For too many years Bob Katter has been able to make false claims and deceive the people of his electorate,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“Bob has been deceitful about his military record and he continues to be deceitful about his conduct in parliament.

“It’s time for Bob to put up or shut up. I make my diaries public every time I release my Bush Telegraph newsletter. I don’t just make claims – I back them up with evidence.

“I call on Bob Katter to release his diaries to the media to provide evidence to support his claims of achievement.

“I believe Bob Katter doesn’t have the stomach to provide the media with access to his diaries because he knows it would expose his laziness.”

Senator O’Sullivan said Bob Katter “overwhelmingly” lost the primary vote at the last election because the people of Kennedy want a seat in government. 

“I have travelled through the Kennedy electorate these past few weeks and people are sick and tired of being left out of the decision-making process of government,” Senator O’Sullivan.

“The time has come for change in Kennedy.”


MEDIA RELEASE: After Springvale purchase, Palaszczuk must explain: Will Labor’s green agenda drive a buying frenzy from the State Government?

23 June 2016

Queensland LNP Senator Barry O’Sullivan has called on the Palaszczuk Government to explain whether it now plans to become a major buyer of Queensland rural properties in its push to enforce its extreme green agenda.   

The call comes amid reports the Queensland Government has spent $7 million of tax payer money to purchase a fully operational cattle station south of Cooktown in a bid to stem sediment flowing into the Great Barrier Reef.

Senator O’Sullivan said the purchase of Springvale set a precedent where the Labor Government had demonstrated a willingness to purchase land in order to deliver on its extreme green policy agenda.  

Senator O’Sullivan said he questioned whether this was an appropriate use of public funds amid the current tough economic climate.

He said land clearing reforms sat prominently alongside saving the Great Barrier Reef as pillars of the Palaszczuk Government’s ‘green pitch’ to voters during the 2015 state election.

He added that tens of thousands of Queensland landholders were set to be economically disadvantaged due to Labor’s proposed vegetation management laws and could be forced place their properties on the market.

Senator O’Sullivan said the Palaszczuk Government should explain whether Labor will now drive a buying fervour for rural businesses that are economically crippled by Labor’s extreme green policy agenda.

“The Palaszczuk Government appears to believe farmers are to blame for all the environmental problems in Queensland,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“Jackie Trad and her mates could fix these problems pretty quickly – and win a lot of votes from inner city greens – if they just started bidding for every rural operation that comes up for sale.

“Tens of thousands of landholders across this state are experiencing significant anxiety as the debate about these land clearing laws continues.

“Some might take comfort from knowing Steven Miles is going to come to the rescue with a buyout figure.

“Otherwise, Labor needs to explain why these people don’t deserve compensation if their rural businesses are crippled due to Labor’s extreme green agenda.

“Where will this Labor Government stop in its blind ambition to secure green votes for Jackie Trad and Steven Miles?’ 


MEDIA RELEASE: “First it was a sugar tax, now Greens must finally address fumes from suburban lawnmowers”

22 June 2016

LNP Senator for Queensland Barry O’Sullivan has savaged the Greens proposed sugar tax today, claiming Dr Richard Di Natale has failed to address other potential dangers to public health that could be taxed.

Senator O’Sullivan said the Greens must explain why they have chosen not to address toxic lawn mower fumes, which have potentially reached “epidemic” levels across suburban Australia.

Senator O’Sullivan said millions of Australians were potentially exposing themselves to alarming amounts of illness-causing chemicals every time they started their whipper snipper.  

“A study from Stockholm University discovered lawnmowers take only one hour to generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine on a 160-kilometre journey,” Senator O’Sullivan.

“Surely this is something the Greens could create a scare campaign around?

“The Greens must get their policy team to immediately investigate how these dangerous fumes can be taxed.

“The Greens fully understand that the Australian public are not capable of taking personal responsibility for their own actions and the best way to ensure public safety is to enforce more taxes. 

“With only 10 days remaining in this election, Dr Richard Di Natale must immediately explain why he has chosen to promote a sugar tax yet overlooked introducing a tax on dangerous lawn mower fumes.”

Senator O’Sullivan said it made no sense why thousands of Australian canegrowers were being demonised under the Greens’ sugar tax policy while the garden equipment sector carried on without any real scrutiny.

He said it was clear both ideas were as ridiculous as each other.

“Dr Richard Di Natale and the rest of the Greens need to explain why their policies consistently attack our farmers yet overlook the activities in suburban gardens.  

“Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that many Greens voters own a lawn mower?”


MEDIA RELEASE: “Bob Katter must resign over murder advertisement”

15 June 2016

LNP Nationals Senator for Queensland Barry O’Sullivan has called on Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter to immediately withdraw from the federal election contest following the release of a violent political advertisement where he depicts himself murdering his unarmed political opponents.

Senator O’Sullivan said the timing of the ad in the shadow of the terrible events in Orlando demonstrated Mr Katter’s absence of moral judgement and his actions were an embarrassment to the people he represents.

“Bob Katter tries to portray himself as some gun-toting tough guy but shooting unarmed people is the very definition of a coward,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“I served 15 years as a detective – I can spot a coward a mile away.

“There are many responsible gun owners across the Kennedy electorate who will be angered by Bob Katter’s disgraceful depiction of gun ownership.

“In the shadow of the events in Orlando, this is the most atrocious and bizarre political ad that I have ever seen.”

Senator O’Sullivan said in Mr Katter’s narcissistic rush to promote himself as a lone cowboy, he obviously did not consider that his advertisement could incite others to believe murder and violence was an acceptable way to resolve disputes.  

“There have been a lot of people concerned about Bob Katter for a long, long time,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“The message Katter is portraying through this bizarre video is an atrocious promotion of violence against any person who doesn’t agree with your views.

“Whilst I rarely find myself in agreement with the Australia Labor Party, I am prepared to say that I have never seen any evidence of the Australian Labor Party or my own ‘advocating the sale of Australia’.

“There is a growing concern among community leaders that Bob Katter is unfit to hold the office of a member of the Federal Parliament.

“The people of Kennedy cannot accommodate Bob Katter’s idiocy for another three years. It’s time for him to do the right thing and stand down.”

Senator O’Sullivan said State Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter must immediately explain whether he also condones this celebration of murder by his father.