An open letter to Billy Gordon, State MP for Cook

8 March 2016

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad is currently tying up her shoelaces and limbering her legs as she prepares to kick farmers in the guts with her much-maligned changes to vegetation management laws.

In the coming weeks Trad will bring legislation to state parliament that will re-detonate the land clearing wars at a time when landholders are still recovering from multiple years of drought, debt and other difficulties.

It is clear the Labor party has already chosen to side with the green groups, no matter the economic toll it will take on our state.

We know the extreme green groups have tallied up the amount of clearing across the state and used this figure to create unnecessary alarm among city-based politicians and voters.

This is despite the simple truth that vegetation cover has actually increased in real terms across Queensland in recent years.

In fact, studies have demonstrated there has been 943,000 hectares of new woody vegetation has emerged across Queensland between 2010 and 2014.

It is essential that all rural and regional MPs, no matter their present or past political affiliations, stand up for the real science and economic opportunity the existing vegetation management provide for people across rural Queensland.

When Labor flops its dirty legislation down on the legislative assembly, the people of rural Queensland expect you to stand for proven science and proven economic opportunity and prevent Trad from giving farmers the boot.