SPEECH – Murray Darling Basin

5 December 2018

It’s very important that something goes on the record about the conduct of this particular inquiry of which the Senate […]

SPEECH – Religious Protections

28 November 2018

I just want to open by reflecting on the fact that the contributions from those opposite in this space are […]

SPEECH – Vale Dick Bitcon

21 March 2018

I rise to give in the short time allocated to us tonight a synopsis of the life of the great […]

SPEECH – Live Export Industry

5 February 2018

I actually concur with some of the contribution of Senator Brown. I do concur with the comments about ensuring that […]

SPEECH – Euthanasia

30 November 2017

I’m going to try and keep my comments brief. I am and have always been opposed to the state or, […]

SPEECH – Red Meat Senate Report

13 September 2017

Senator O’SULLIVAN (Queensland) (13:40): I had intended to speak on other subject matter today, but we’re seeing some evolving responses […]