MEDIA RELEASE: “Bob Katter must resign over murder advertisement”

15 June 2016

LNP Nationals Senator for Queensland Barry O’Sullivan has called on Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter to immediately withdraw from the federal election contest following the release of a violent political advertisement where he depicts himself murdering his unarmed political opponents.

Senator O’Sullivan said the timing of the ad in the shadow of the terrible events in Orlando demonstrated Mr Katter’s absence of moral judgement and his actions were an embarrassment to the people he represents.

“Bob Katter tries to portray himself as some gun-toting tough guy but shooting unarmed people is the very definition of a coward,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“I served 15 years as a detective – I can spot a coward a mile away.

“There are many responsible gun owners across the Kennedy electorate who will be angered by Bob Katter’s disgraceful depiction of gun ownership.

“In the shadow of the events in Orlando, this is the most atrocious and bizarre political ad that I have ever seen.”

Senator O’Sullivan said in Mr Katter’s narcissistic rush to promote himself as a lone cowboy, he obviously did not consider that his advertisement could incite others to believe murder and violence was an acceptable way to resolve disputes.  

“There have been a lot of people concerned about Bob Katter for a long, long time,” Senator O’Sullivan said.

“The message Katter is portraying through this bizarre video is an atrocious promotion of violence against any person who doesn’t agree with your views.

“Whilst I rarely find myself in agreement with the Australia Labor Party, I am prepared to say that I have never seen any evidence of the Australian Labor Party or my own ‘advocating the sale of Australia’.

“There is a growing concern among community leaders that Bob Katter is unfit to hold the office of a member of the Federal Parliament.

“The people of Kennedy cannot accommodate Bob Katter’s idiocy for another three years. It’s time for him to do the right thing and stand down.”

Senator O’Sullivan said State Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter must immediately explain whether he also condones this celebration of murder by his father.