MEDIA RELEASE: “First it was a sugar tax, now Greens must finally address fumes from suburban lawnmowers”

22 June 2016

LNP Senator for Queensland Barry O’Sullivan has savaged the Greens proposed sugar tax today, claiming Dr Richard Di Natale has failed to address other potential dangers to public health that could be taxed.

Senator O’Sullivan said the Greens must explain why they have chosen not to address toxic lawn mower fumes, which have potentially reached “epidemic” levels across suburban Australia.

Senator O’Sullivan said millions of Australians were potentially exposing themselves to alarming amounts of illness-causing chemicals every time they started their whipper snipper.  

“A study from Stockholm University discovered lawnmowers take only one hour to generate the same level of carcinogens as a car engine on a 160-kilometre journey,” Senator O’Sullivan.

“Surely this is something the Greens could create a scare campaign around?

“The Greens must get their policy team to immediately investigate how these dangerous fumes can be taxed.

“The Greens fully understand that the Australian public are not capable of taking personal responsibility for their own actions and the best way to ensure public safety is to enforce more taxes. 

“With only 10 days remaining in this election, Dr Richard Di Natale must immediately explain why he has chosen to promote a sugar tax yet overlooked introducing a tax on dangerous lawn mower fumes.”

Senator O’Sullivan said it made no sense why thousands of Australian canegrowers were being demonised under the Greens’ sugar tax policy while the garden equipment sector carried on without any real scrutiny.

He said it was clear both ideas were as ridiculous as each other.

“Dr Richard Di Natale and the rest of the Greens need to explain why their policies consistently attack our farmers yet overlook the activities in suburban gardens.  

“Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that many Greens voters own a lawn mower?”