O’Sullivan welcomes red meat processing inquiry

19 March 2015

19 March 2015

Queensland LNP Senator Barry O’Sullivan said the announcement of a Senate inquiry into the red meat processing industry was an opportunity to review transparency and accountability through Australia’s beef supply chain.

Senator O’Sullivan said the Senate inquiry would enable stakeholders to share their concerns about price transparency and processor market powers, which have often been cited as points of frustration for producers.

He said with more than two-thirds of the national herd in Queensland, Senator O’Sullivan said the inquiry could have a wide ranging impact on the state.

“I have travelled extensively through Western Queensland since becoming a Senator last year and have heard repeatedly from producers that they are concerned about the market influence and lack of transparency across the processing sector,” he said.

“The Nationals have listened to these concerns and have successfully pushed for a Senate inquiry.

“I encourage as many producers as possible to participate in this process. We will only have a strong beef sector if the right information is getting in front of the key decision-makers.”